Leather wrap bracelets have evolved over time. In the late 60’s early 70’s bracelets are very popular among hippies. It is the conventional method of expressing themselves through the use of self-made clothing and accessories earth tone colors. Leather bracelets are mostly handmade and leather or fabric dye or ink.

In the early 80’s bracelet from the late 70s has taken a different turn. Has become very popular among fans of rock and heavy metal. Cuff bracelet or as they are known are predominantly black, red, white and very closed with metal spikes, nails, and pyramids.

Not much happens in 90 to leather bracelets until the turn of the century, when the art of accessorizing jump. Images of the 60 types of bracelet began to appear again, but with a new twist. Designers and craftsmen leather strap with creativity of their projects, finding new ways to highlight the left wrist and the bracelet surrounds.

Thin width between half an inch to 1 inch, and between 16 cm to 32 cm in length, wrap bracelets are what for your wrist. They look elegant on the bracelet and the male and the adjustment of different wrist sizes of women.

I would stay away from leather wrap bracelet that is less than an inch wide, they tend to break / tear easily. Also avoid wrap bracelet length less than 16 cm, it does not go around your wrist more than once. The idea is to wrap a leather strap to go around your wrist two times or more.